EKHP Consulting was awarded a Department of Information Resources (DIR) IT Staffing Services contract in August 2016. This award comes following the completion of EKHP Consulting’s first four year contract with DIR where they ranked in the top performing vendors serving DIR for IT Staffing Services.

Why use EKHP Consulting for your IT Staffing requirements?

EKHP Consulting focuses on providing very competitive pricing to their clients while ensuring their contractors are paid at the highest rate possible. This results in contractors staying on the job until the clients projects are completed.

Contract Pricing: Pricing is based on a not-to-exceed. EKHP Consulting strives to offer pricing lower than the not-to-exceed rate.

How to Obtain a Quote:

1) Contact Bill Peek. This initial call will establish the base for working out the details of the requirement.
2) Working together the job description, experience, title and bill rate are developed.
3) EKHP Consulting does, using multiple search engines and contacts seeks out the most qualified candidates.
4) A pack of resumes is created and sent to the client for review.
5) Interviews are set up for the client by EKHP Consulting or if the client chooses set up the interview on their own.
6) Client chooses candidate and EKHP Consulting confirms candidates acceptance and start date.
7) Client submits a purchase order to bill@ekhpconsulting.net.

Contact Information:
EKHP Consulting, LLC
425 Oak Springs Dr.
Seguin, Texas 78155

Bill Peek
Cell: (512) 925-4541
Email: bill@ekhpconsulting.net