EKHP owners have fifty (50) years of service with or for public entities, primarily the State of Texas.  Employees have an extremely high level of knowledge for State of Texas government budgeting and procurement procedures.  Employees of the company have developed and managed budgets for State organizations, developed postings, reviewed and evaluated responses to RFOs, and have written and negotiated contracts for State agencies.

Employees of the company have a deep understanding of the State of Texas staffing augmentation program.  In order to attract the best candidates, EKHP offers the maximum pay rates to contractors, while at the same time providing the State with an extremely competitive price.

EKHP reaches out to over eighty (80) companies that provide contractors for staff augmentation.   They have the ability to reach out across the United States to find the best qualified candidates for a position at the most competitive price.

EKHP has the resources of nationwide search engines, avenues into IT user groups, the ability to advertise locally and nationally, and the ability to network with associations in order to find the most qualified candidates. Search engines include, but are not limited to, Monster.com, Indeed.com, Linkedin.com, The Ladders, and Craigslist.  In addition, EKHP is a member of organizations such as the Texas CISSP Network, PMI Austin Recruiters, door64, Technical Writers Forum, and the Project Manager Network,

Current and past customers of include Travis County, HHSC, TWC, TXDMV, TXDOT, TWC, SOS, OAG, DSHS AT&T, SAIC, Austin Energy and CIBER.

In summary, EKHP Consulting is a company with the ability to provide a high level of service at the most cost effective method possible and has proven to be an asset to its customers.